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$30/year for an individual

Individual Membership

  • Step up your running (or walking) with a membership to Amelia Island Runners!

    Benefits include:

    • Pre-Registration discounts on our club’s races.

    • Wednesday evening training runs and expert advice with Coach Benson’s Misery Loves Company atFBHS track.

    • Discounts and news about run demo's at Mythic Running Company.

    • Information on local running news or other running activities.

    • Club training runs — a great way to meet new friends and running partners, with free, expert coaching advice available

    Plus, you get the satisfaction of supporting a local running club that is active in the community! We support youth running programs in the schools, provide thousands of dollars in annual scholarships, sponsor a free annual “summer camp” on running, raise money for great local causes, and much more.

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