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Our club exists to promote running, jogging and walking, and we want to help others do the same. Here is our grant application with more info. The deadline to apply is Dec. 31. 








Amelia Island Runners is an organization devoted to promoting and encouraging our local

community to be more active through running, jogging, and walking.  As part of our mission, we’re

dedicated to providing grants to other local charities, groups, and individuals to help them develop

these activities in our community.  The information below provides an outline of the grant

application process and grant requirements.  Please contact Amelia Island Runners at if you have any additional questions about the process.


Amelia Island Runners gives grants principally in the following areas: 

- Youth Running Clubs or Groups

- Local Fitness Clubs or Groups

- Charities Providing Benefits to Local Citizens 


Grants are NOT normally given for: 

- Activities that are primarily the responsibility of central or local government 

- National charities or organizations or any groups where the grant funds provided would be 

used outside of the local community 




Minor Grants – Core funding grants of between $0 and $500.


Major Grants – Core funding grants in excess of $500.  Please contact the President of Amelia

Island Runners at for additional details regarding the Major Grant

Application Process.




To apply to Amelia Island Runners for a grant, a charity, group, or individual must complete

the application form. The online form is available below, or you can download the form here:  


Applications may be submitted to Amelia Island Runners at any time throughout the year, by filling out the form below, through email to or by mail to Amelia Island  Runners, Inc.; ATTN: AIR Grants; PO Box 15322; Fernandina Beach, FL 32035.


There are two (2) grant application periods during each calendar year, January-July and August-December.

 A GrantApplication Review Committee consisting of the  Board of Directors or their designees within Amelia Island Runners will meet twice each calendar year (February and September) to review grant applications that have been submitted up to the final day of the previous application period.  For example, the February Review Committee will consider only those applications received from August 1st to December 31st.


The Grant Application Review Committee is authorized to award up to $1000 during each review

period.  Individual grant amounts may vary depending on the requests of the various applicants,

number of applicants, etc.  Unused grant funds from each review period will roll over to be used in

the subsequent review period.




Charities should also offer Amelia Island Runners the opportunity for its support to be recognized

and acknowledged publicly.

Note: Please provide specific descriptions, quantities, costs, etc. of the items or resources that the grant funds will be applied to in this section.  Please be as specific as possible in your description.


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